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 PC Tune-up

Is your PC running slow lately?

Does it take forever to load up pages on the internet?

Your PC may have picked up a virus or one of the many Spyware or Adware problems that are around these days on the internet.

 If this is the case your computer is not able to work as well as it could but also your security could be at risk. Some of these infections can be malicious!!

 Let us perform our 10 point Tune-up and get your computer back up to speed!!

 1.   Perform a virus scan and remove any virus found.

2.    Perform a Spyware & Adware scan and remove anything found.

3.    Update your Antivirus definitions if Antivirus software is already installed or provide free Antivirus software.

4.    Update windows if required.

5.    Delete temporary files.

6.    Remove unnecessary internet files and cookies.

7.    Perform maintenance on the system registry.

8.    Defragment the hard drive.

9.    Perform a system memory check.

10.  Improve system responsiveness.

We will also make any recommendations we feel would further improve your system such as increasing the memory size etc. and would be happy to quote for any upgrades suggested.
All work is guaranteed – we will refund your money if you are not happy with the outcome. 

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